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Mega-BB Review Part I: Standard 0.20g BBs Print E-mail
Written by Jay   
Monday, 11 April 2005


With hundreds being spent on improving AEG performance, sometimes it is the cheapest components that are overlooked. Airsoft BBs certainly fall within this category, as they are typically an afterthought; an "oh yeah, I should get some of those." While most brands of BBs are quite affordable, the test results in this Mega-Review clearly show a wide range in characteristics. There will no doubt be many that argue that it really doesn't matter which BBs you buy, since the differences are so literally small, but for those that value every bit of performance they can obtain, the right BBs can make a world of difference.

What Next

With the baseline statistics in place, the next step is to test these BBs in "field" trials to gauge just how accurate these BBs are given their physical consistency. Stay tuned for an update to the Mega-BB Review with controlled range accuracy tests to help you further in your BB purchasing decision.






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