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Mega-BB Review Part I: Standard 0.20g BBs Print E-mail
Written by Jay   
Monday, 11 April 2005

Candidate 5: Viper "New" 0.20g

Brand: Viper "New" 0.20g
Average Weight: 0.2058g
Standard Deviation in Weight: 0.0092g
Average Diameter: 5.96mm
Standard Deviation in Diameter: 0.019mm
Average Muzzle Velocity: 425.22fps
Standard Deviation in Muzzle Velocity: 5.386 fps
Standard Deviation in Roundness Test: 3.03cm
Surface: semi-smooth with visible injection nipple
Color: white
Bag Count: 5000
Cost Per BB: 0.003 USD




The Viper 0.20g BB displayed the worst roundness consistency of the candidates, with several BBs failing to even make it down the entire testing apparatus. 18 out of the 100 BBs tested jammed in the barrel, with one particular BB so stuck that it was difficult to remove manually even with an unjamming rod. The BBs exhibited terrible muzzle velocity consistency as is to be expected, although it did manage to maintain average numbers in weight consistency and below average numbers in diameter consistency. BBs which resulted in jamming showed signifcant mis-casting ridges as well as other surface imperfections.






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